She Gotta Bump

This one goes out to all you beautiful pregnant ladies. SHE GOTTA BUMP t-shirts, lyrics and full credits at written and directed by ROB PEARLSTEINlyrics by ROB PEARLSTEIN, DAVE COHEN and JOE HURSLEYmusic by JEEVEvocals by JOE HURSLEY and KIMBERLY COLEstarring JOE HURSLEY and J. ROBIN MILLERLYRICSTo all you pregnant ladies I direct this rhymeWhether eight months preggers or just got the blue lineYou got hormonal imbalance, feeling fat and gassy tooBut theres one man here who wants to get with you, seeDont want no flat stomachs or hourglass figuresI wanna get with a woman whos preparing to deliverSee Im a man obsessed with givin the lovinBut only to women with a bun in the ovenShe gotta bumpYou make me feel so hotI wanna bumpEven though my boobs are gonna dropShe gotta bumpYou make me my knees go weakI wanna bumpWhen you rub my swollen feetYour bellys looking fine and your extra weight niceI wish that I could make you pregnant twice[Girl: Sounds nice