Sharon Stone Sex Scene

Posted by srsonjn0rg on Aug. 22, 2009

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In this Sharon Stone Sex Scene from the 1989 movie Blood and Sand, Sharons character Dona is overcome with lust for Juan, a matador who is in love with the beautiful daughter of a rich land owner. I tried re-enacting this video with my girlfriend once, but she got really awful splinters in her back from rubbing up against the tree. Plus, it was in our front yard, not a forest, and someone called the cops. Not only is this hot Sharon Stone Sex Scene a satisfying two minutes long, you get to see a lot of the Basic Instinct stars boob and nip. Im going to suggest you turn the sound down on this video though, because the late 80s love scene music kinda kills the mood a little. Nevertheless, watching a naked Sharon Stone getting plowed is so hot. And you gotta love the movie tag line: For a matador without love, there is nothing but blood and sand. And Sharon Stones rack.Any Sharon Stone Sex Scene means racy video of Sharon banging a guy in a forbidden way. In the film Blood and Sand, Sharon gets down and dirty with a guy in a forest. She is so hot when she's humping in the woods.

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