Posted by plantpusher149 on Aug. 27, 2008

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Sharking is a practice that is popular in Japan that involves the pulling down of unsuspecting womens tops in public exposing their breasts, known as topsharking, whereas lowsharking involves the pulling down of unsuspecting womens panties in public. Whether you’re a fan of “topsharking” or “lowsharking”, like the guys in this video, one thing is for certain. When you look at yourself in the mirror the image reflecting back is that of a pervert. I come from New Jersey where sharking is not a common past time. That’s because if someone made a video of themselves pulling down the skirts of one of my friends or my little sisters the next place they would wind up is the bottom of the Hudson River being eaten by actual sharksThis is a clever video of a new sport forming in Europe called Sharking. It entails someone creeping up on a woman wearing a tube top or something of the sort and running up behind them or casually in front of them and pulling their shirt down or pants down. Its takes a lot of nerve to walk up to a random woman and violate her like this.

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