Shakira Sex Tape Info

Posted by fastandthefrivolous on May. 24, 2013

With one of the greatest bodies in music, it’s no wonder Shakira sex tape rumors have circled the singer for many years. While not denying the tape, the latin beauty even went so far as to name her double album Oral Fixation Parts 1 And 2 .The odds of a Shakira sex tape existing are pretty good. But that tape ever seeing the light of day are slim at best. This is mainly because the rumored tape is being used as evidence of extortion charges against the tapes owner, a famous Spanish singer named Alejandro Sanz. The tape supposedly shows Shakira having sex with her boyfriend and Sanz. That’s right there’s a Shakira threesome video and it’s not on the internet. Until this amazing piece of sex video hits the web there are still sexy clips of Shakira like this.

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