Posted by spooly_montana on Sep. 03, 2009

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Months ago playwright Orna Rawls asked me if I would like to direct a play for the Quickies in the Park show. She had just seen a short film I had directed, Hold On. I was immediately interested, and excited about trying out my directing in a stage production for the first time. As my bio for the program stated, I have had years of experience in film, but none in theater, besides the lone time I acted in a play (written by Orna Rawls, and directed by J. Sibley Law) last winter. This play, I found out was entitled Shakespeare for the Shakespeare Challenged, and was a comedy written by local playwright Jack Rushen. I cast two actors who I have known and worked with before, the brilliant David Thomas McLaine and Mike Greca. I knew they would both be hysterical, and have great chemistry on stage. And lo and behold, to no great surprise by me, they did! This was a great learning experience for me as a director, and I was absolutely pleased with their performance in front of the audience of 150 that night!! I l

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