Sexy Weird Japanese Samba

Posted by samuraidave on Sep. 02, 2011

One of my favorites festivals of the year has to be the out-of-place Samba Carnival in the traditional town of Asakusa in Tokyo where they have one of the oldest Buddhist Temple complexes in Japan. Every year for almost 30 years, Asakusa puts on reportedly one of the largest samba celebration outside of Brazil. Several thousand people participate. Each year samba groups adopt a theme and make gorgeous costumes. Some are down right wild and weird. One theme seemed to be the Aztecs of Mexico. They had people holding giant human hearts and giant one on a platter. Some of the dancers looked like skeletons whose rib cages had been pried open to get take out the heart. Weird stuff! And as usual, sexy samba girls were there to turn up the already steaming heat.

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