Sexy School Girl Smashing TVs

Posted by JWatsonTV on Aug. 04, 2012

Jaclyns Channel http-// Matts Channel http-// We had some tv nd computer monitors that were broken. They could not be fixed, or even sold for parts so the only option was to throw them away. So I thought we might as well have some fun by smashing them and making a video out of it. Whys Jaclyn in a sexy school girl outfit? Why not? lol Check out some of my other videos Water Jet Pack, flying a jet lev flyer- http-// American Ninja Warrior 2012 Training With Drew Drechsel- http-// Ninja Warrior 2012 Training- Parkour and Bars with Andy Taylor and Drew Drechsel http-// GoPro HD- Parkour Flips http-// Parkour and FreeRunning at School http-// Parkour, Free Running, and Capoeira with Team Zoic http-//

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