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Posted by hotdating on Feb. 16, 2009

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Learn the ropes from Barbie and Ken in this sex positions video. From cowgirl, to the standing daisy buckaroo these plastic dolls have done their research. If you thought the kamasutra was not descriptive enough this clip leaves nothing to the imagination. Now everyone can go out and buy their own dolls and know exactly how to position them. Or go get a date and watch this sex positions video together.This is a funny video of barbie and ken making a sex tape with various sex positions. They go from the lusty left leg to the cowgirl right into a reverse cowgirl. These barbies have a broad range of talent when it comes to sex moves. they continue with a twirl a girl into the classic doggy style and finish off with the pleasure pick me up. If you play with barbies and are into Kamasutra then this sex position video is for you.

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