Severely Cynical - Romney Severely Conservative Radio Ad

Posted by Dailynational on Feb. 14, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney? Voiceover from Romney I was a severely conservative Republican. Severely conservative??? The word severely is most commonly used to describe the following: Disabled, depressed, ill, limited, injured. So, Michigan conservatives, Mitt Romney basically thinks conservatism is like a disease. If youre a moderate/independent Michigan Republican, how do you feel about a politician who doesnt believe in anything, but implies, Ill pretend to be a diseased extremist, even if I think its crazy? Mitt Romneys father, George Romney was a great Michigan governor who always spoke his mind. He stood up to his church and GOP extremists regarding civil rights. But Mitt Romney? Has he ever stood up for something unpopular? Mitt Romney, hes not his fathers son. Mitt Romney thinks he can brain wash the rest of us. Paid for By AmericanLP, not associated with a candidate or candidates committee.

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