Severed dog head lives...

Posted by Phil85 on Apr. 17, 2010

After watching it twice, I felt compelled to find out if its real or not. This wikipedia article claims that its from a motion picture called Experiments in the Revival of Organisms. Its in the public domain now, so you can download it here — I for one will watch it after Ive gotten over the uneasy feeling from watching the short clip. The article says there is some debate of whether the experiments are real, or if they were maybe created as Communist propaganda (Communism lets you live forever as a head). But there is no mention of any evidence pointing to this being fake. So, with my usual skepticism, Im going to present something that may or may not disprove the validity of the film. Its not that I dont believe they did (and do) horrible animal experiments, its just this particular clip Im skeptical about. If you watched the clip above, youll notice that in the last few seconds when they are banging that hammer on the table — the dog moves his head up from the table. Im sorry, but given that your head

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