Severe Tropical Cyclone Warning for Northern Australia from Dece

Posted by frankieapril24 on Oct. 17, 2011

Attention Citizens of Northeastern Australia, Attention Citizens of North Central Australia, Attention Citizens of Northwestern Australia, Attention Citizens of Island of Madagascar in Africa, Attention Citizens of South Pacific. Cyclone Will be So Powerful and the Winds will be up to 300 KMH or Greater People of Northern Australia Have To Be Prepared it will Happen from December 2011 until April 2012 Cyclone Will Be So Powerful in Northern Australia It May Destroy Lots of Houses, It May Destroy Lots of Transformers, It Destroy Lots of Telephones. People in Northern Australia Be Prepared Have your Medical Kits Ready, Have your Flashlights Ready, Have your Candles Ready, Have your Campstoves and Propane Ready, Have your Everything Ready it will bring a lot of Rain and Wind and it will Destroy a lot of Property too. It will Affect Southern Australia too. Have your Rubber Boots and Rain Coats and Rain Suits and Umbrellas will Be Broken from the Really High Winds and Very Heavy Rain and it will Knock all the Tele

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