SENZA VOCE Voiceless. When we won the World Cup. Superstition

Posted by CURVATURA10 on Apr. 28, 2010

A group of friends start watching the football world cup. For some it is an invitation which leaves themcold. The popular national ritual no longer excites. At least to begin with. The news has been full offootball scandals and Italy’s favourite game now has an uneasy feeling. It all seems a bit vulgar andunhealthy.Then the magic. Game after game disbelief turns to wonder, an unexpected patriotism bubbles up in thehearts of the people. What a surprise! For your own actions. For the joy being shared. For a simplicitywhich is unfamiliar. Used to negotiation, compromise and analysing events with cynical disillusion, wefind ourselves faced with clear rules and a clearly defined playing field. All self-control is lost, a part ofourselves we have kept reigned in explodes, the animal and childlike part which has been sleeping withinus. Ball in good, ball out bad. GAME OVER. And we scream for Italy’s goal. The national team of a countrywe dont like. A country which will leave us with no voice, dismissing u

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