Sell Your Property Fast Yourself and Without a Real Estate Agent

Posted by TheLittleHouseCom on Feb. 10, 2013

How to Sell Your Property Without an Agent UK. Selling your house in UK with a real estate agent could cost you a fortune but if you choose the online private sales then you can get your home sold for a fraction of costs. The UK estate agents main job is marketing, contrary to popular belief they have no legal authority and you are not required to employ them to undertake a sale. So as long as you can advertise your home effectively and negotiate with a buyer you can easily sell your home yourself.Prepare your house just as if you are going to have a buyer visit your home. Take photos that show the rooms in the best light and remember dont leave anything out that is personal. Once you have the photos walk around each room and describe what you see. Take approx measur ments. Now remember the unique selling point about your home. This information is now enough to create a property advert. Find a private house sales website that professionally represents your home. Avoid classified ads sites they can attract a l

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