Self Defense Techniques

While you can increase your level of safety by being aware of your surroundings, remaining calm is another way to set yourself up to successfully escape a physically threatening situation. Effective self defence tactics do not have to involve carrying any sort of weapon, and your calm but forceful actions may be enough to diffuse an unsafe encounter. Simple and controlled movements can be deceptively effective, even against someone who is much bigger or stronger than you. If you react quickly and with purpose, your assailant may be distracted long enough for you to escape and seek help as needed. Your complement of self defence tactics should include something that you can do if you are attacked from behind, and a shin scrape may be your best defense. This move can work even if your arms are pinned, especially if you combine it with a forceful foot stomp. This move involves raising one of your feet off the ground and then jamming it back into the knee of your assailant.