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Posted by selfdefense123 on Dec. 02, 2012

A number of people took self defense classes in the past, but the techniques that work in a dojo and in a real conflict are often very different. Youve got to be as sure as you possibly can that you are really able to take care of any threat that can cross your path. When it comes to training in the martial arts, whether youre studying a traditional martial-art, or even one from the more recent versions, thinking you have the ability to care for your self, and actually possessing them tend to be 2 completely different things. Those who are a cop, security officer, or any of the many other professions which have a greater chance of dealing with physical violence, are well advised to get some self defense training. It isnt just people who are employed in tough jobs who need to look out for their safety though, common people will also benefit significantly through learning self-defense strategies. Knowing how to protect oneself doesnt have to include going to the gym Three times per week. It is not nor

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