Selena Gomez Sex story rated R ep 2

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Selena-(walks into class 20 min late) Teacher-Miss Gomez, you are late on your first day!!! DETENTION Selena-I'm really sorry sir, is there any way I can (sexy) Make it up to you (puts her boobs in his face) Teacher-(coughs) Well umm, see me after class Selena-alright then (drops her pencil) oops (bends over so her butt is showing) *AFTER CLASS* Selena- You wanted to see me Teacher- Yes, well um I think we both know the reason for that Selena-yeah (closes and locks the door) Teacher-(gets a boner) Selena-(kisses him and rubs his dick through his pants) Teacher-(moans) Selena-(gives him a lap dance) Teacher-(staring at her boobs) Selena-(takes off her vest) Teacher-(sucks her boobs) Selena-(leans her head back and moans really loud) Teacher- (lays her on the ground and pulls off all their clothes) Selena-Wait do you have a condom? Teacher-No....We don't need one Selena-Why? Teacher-I got my balls cut off for my wife Selena-cool get in me Teacher- (goes in fast and hard and rides her) ohh ohhhh SELENA Selena-(

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