See the Amaziing Results of the It Works Body / Chin Wraps Works Body Wraps I received the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator / Wrap in the mail. I was super excited to try it. Barbara, the It Works independent distributor said she lost 7 ½ inches around her waist (one dress size) after her first application in March of this year and has kept it off.I reviewed the packet and information sent by Barbara. I drank the amount of water recommended the day I used the wrap. I measured my 3 areas before I used the wrap. The 3 areas I measured were at my waist, belly button, and lower abdominals. I marked the spots with a permanent marker (Sharpie), so that my measurements would be accurate each time I measured. As I took the Ultimate Applicator out of the package, there was an immediate smell of menthol, similar to Ben-Gay or Head On products. I was afraid I was going to rip the applicator / wrap as I was pulling it apart, but it was pretty durable. After I applied the wrap, I felt a