Sedan Kansas Jr. Sr. Prom Parade 4-16-2005

Posted by Dealfinder on Sep. 09, 2010

http-// This old hand-built car probably doesnt need much insurance, but what about that new car setting in your drive way, are you Paying to much for car insurance? find out at http-// Every year comes April and April in Sedan Ks. only means one thing, The Jr. Sr. Prom, and with the prom comes the parade, Everyone trys to out do the other when it comes time to get a ride to the Prom. Well in 2005 it was no exception, these inter-prizing Seniors spent the better part of two weeks building the ultimate ride Hope you enjoy the video, while you are here be sure to click on the link and compare your insurance costs just maybe you can save some money then you would be able to have a car like this

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