Secret Agent Kitty Attacks

Posted by KittyCatBliss on Aug. 12, 2011

Please subscribe -) Visit Meeshas website Meesha is a secret agent kitty on a special mission to attack his archenemy, code named the hand. The hand taunts him, mocks him and causes all sorts of annoying problems. But, Meeshas on top of it! He has claws of steal that can conquer anything the silly hand can dish out. Meesha saves the day! Thanks for watching! Did you know that theres a kitty cat bliss blog? Check it out for stories, behind the scenes info, and crazy funny pics. Music- Plucky Daisy by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 http-// Link where the music was found- http-// Video copyright 2011 Tiffany Mullins. All Rights Reserved.

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