Seattle's King County Sheriff's Deputy Paul Schene Physically As

There is no audio for this video. _______________________________ What you can do: KINGS COUNTY (SEATTLE) SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT CONTACT INFO: In Response To: SEATTLE DEPUTY BEATS TEENAGE GIRL HALF HIS SIZE... FOR KICKING HER SHOES OFF AS ORDERED. (J) (206) 296-4200 email at _______________________________ News article: Seattle Sheriff Beats the Crap out of a 15 Year Old Girl Beating Caught On Police Video Tape Shows Officer Kicking, Striking Teenager A Seattle Sherrifs Department holding cell video captured the brutal beating of a 15 year old girl on November 29, 2008. That videotape is now being released over the objections of the offending officers attorney. The girl was picked up with another 15 year old girl, driving at 3:45AM in what had been reported as a stolen car. It was subsequently determined the car belonged to the girl