Seat Belt Repair,Airbag Module Reset, Fix, Rebuild, Review MyAi

Posted by Johny-Max-561 on Jun. 26, 2013

Hello, I am a body shop owner. We have been using MyAirbags for 5 years now. In todays economy everyone is trying to save money. Our customers are an average joe that need repairs done for the best possible price. We are glad that we found MyAirbags, because they offer great services in rebuilding original automotive parts. We are happy to save our customers a lot of money. MyAirbags rebuilds a variety of different parts, like: ABS units, Speedometer Dash Clusters, Climate Controls and other electronics. This is like a dream come true for small body shop owners. They provide excellent technical support as well. They are very dependable and affordable, we recommend MyAirbags to all collision & body shops. Also if you are do it yourself kind of a guy and want to save money. Checkout there website and take a look at all the services that they offer

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