Scoops - CMF 2010 USF - [HD]

Posted by Rjustice on Feb. 22, 2010

Inspired by an original poem, an epic journey that chronicles the life of a man who constantly struggles with adversity, and whose experiences ultimately culminate into a life-defining choice. Executive Producer(s)- Nishant Gogna, Vishal Patel, Ryan Justice Producer(s)- Nishant Gogna, Ryan Justice Director- Ryan Justice Writer- Vishal Patel Starring- Michael Ray Davis - Old man Sean Michael Gloria - Young man Taylor Gerrard - Middle-aged man Nathan Fugleberg - Little boy Director of Photography- Kenneth Theriot Assistant Producer(s)- Daniella Claveria,Clint Mourino Assistant Director- Jamie Parslow Narrated By- Michael Ray Davis Cast- Michael Ray Davis Sean Michael Gloria Taylor Girard Nathan Fugleberg Termaine Jenkins Sara Crowell Shannan Stewart Susan Ober Jared Ganem Mark Troy Rubin Cruz Jamie Parslow Phillip Gilchrist Will Bermudez Eric Justice Heather Clark Michelle Blanco Valentina Lozano & Buster the Dog Original Score by- Kris Johnson A Justified Films, Vendetta Entertainment, Claverino P

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