School Bullying and Youth Violence Prevention Conference

Introducing the latest research on youth bullying and school violence, this powerful conference is designed to empower and equip school administrators, educators, social workers, counselors, and psychologists with skills and tools designed to minimize or eradicate youth bullying and school violence. Participants will learn: - The latest research on youth bullying and school violence - The causes of youth aggression and misbehavior - The characteristics of bullies and their victims - The psychology of bullying - Potential outcomes of bullying - Warning signs of youth emotional problems, suicide, and homicide - How to empower victims of bullying - Bullying and school violence prevention strategies - Non-physical de-escalation techniques - Self-defense techniques As our gift, each participant will receive a free copy of the "Standing Up To Bullying" computer and card game. This game, designed to teach children anti-bullying skills, can be played in classrooms, homes, or therapy settings. Mark Lakewood, a di