Scattered Music Video - Kim Cameron and Side FX Band

Posted by sidefxband on Jul. 09, 2009

http://www.sidefxband.netThis story is about passion true passion. A passion to conquer it all hobbies, work, family, love. This particular individual is faced with an ultimatum give up one of the passions or lose the love of her life. Throughout this song, she struggles with the ultimatum and slips back to old memories when life was simple and decisions were easy. She attempts to explain that they both have grown and changed as the years have progressed—hoping that will give her a little latitude. Before the story ends, she makes a choice and chooses the love of her life. As we know life is always about choices some are harder to make than others. Women are confronted with these challenges each day everyone wanting time that they do not have to give. The irony in this dilemma is the very thing that women seek most a true, honest and loving relationship is often challenged by the day to day obligations that we are faced with everyday.

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