Scary Videos Prank on Children

Posted by ksghostrider on Dec. 02, 2007

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As scary videos go, this one has you on the edge of your seat...waiting for something to actually happen. While its true that you have to wait over two minutes for the frightening shrieks of two fearful children watching what is apparently one of the most scary videos ever, its worth it. Im not sure its worth it to hear them both breaking into terrified sobs towards the end of the video. Plus someone is going to have to buy a new laptop. But if you enjoy watching children being horrified by scary videos, then this clip will be a must-see.Sometimes questionable parenting can make for some scary videos. In this case, two young girls are made to watch a spooky video on the internet in the hopes of a reaction the parents can videotape. The parents get their wish when their kids scream in terror at the scary image on the screen. They also get the gift of a broken laptop.

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