Save GAS and MONEY!

Posted by AaronH9 on Oct. 20, 2008

I named my site cause,like most people,I'm "SICK" of the high prices that we as consumers have to pay for gasoline now.I'm sick of the pollution and I'm really sick and tired of the government and the oil companies making tons of money off of us while we're out here trying to make a living and barely getting by. I wanted to share this product with people to help them save money while at the same time helping out the environment. I'm more of a "Green" person and I think that is very important now and in the future. I hope that someday soon all vehicles will be running on just water,but don't bet on it if the government and oil companies have anything to do about it! I think this product is so great cause not only will it save you gas and money, but it helps your engine to run cooler and better, and also you can write it off on your taxes! It's very simple to put together and even comes with instructional videos to explain the process. I'm not mechanical or a handyman what so ever,but found it

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