Saturday 2.2.2008 at Walmart

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It was busy, everybody was getting their superbowl snacks. I don't know if you could tell from my video, there were busy bodies and a lot of noise pollution. I don't care for stores that are noisy and busy (more people in my way and they take their sweet time being in my way too!! GRRRR) I think my favorite time to grocery shop is the middle of the night. Our Walmart is a super Walmart and is open 24-7 so we can do just that. Nothing like doing grocery shopping at 3 in the morning. The workers are more laid back and they don't give a shit about you really unless you ask to be waited on and I like it that way. They kind of step around you and wax the floor, stocking the shelves, whatever they need to do kind of behind the scenes so during the day the place can run as well as it can . I think sometimes my best friend and I are the only ones shopping, it's kind of like the store is open only for us! It feels really good. But the con is you kind of get the scraps from the day before, the donut cabinets are picke

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