Sarah Palin song - The Palinator (just for fun)

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

I've uploaded a pg version of the song, just in case. Check out my other channel Here's a little song I wrote about Sarah Palin and last weeks happenings in the politcal realm. Just for fun. The Palinator © 2008 Tsm music (Chorus) she's the killa from wasilla the attaka from alaska she's the worst nightmare of the DNC - a great communicator and we call her Palinator how far she'll go we'll have to wait and see (verse) Just when things were looking bleak when the hope was fading fast came a girl from the north who thursday sallied forth and gave the establishment a blast we loved her smile and her glasses and the way she kicked the democrats .... as the killa... (chorus) she's a hockey mom just you the president of her PTA a pit bull with lipstick a hopeless romantic a life time member of the NRA in the Beltway she won't fit cause she won't the the democrats' ... chorus She's not like biden all old and farty she's the rising star of the grand old party We're so glad mcca

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