Sarah Palin booed at hockey game - BEST CLIP!!!

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

Tell the world: DO YOU WANT TO HEAR THE BOOES??? Here you go... +++ EVERYBODY PLEASE READ THIS LETTER: +++ Watch the fans in Philadelphia booing Sarah Palin and giving her the thumbs down when she abuses a hockey match for a cheap photo opportunity!! But it's even worse!! The Philadelphia Flyers have been searching for the ultimate hockey mom in the Greater Philadelphia Region through an on line contest which asked hockey players or hockey moms themselves to submit their hockey mom poster to the team...and then the regional winner (Philadelphia greatest hockey mum) appeared on ice together with Sarah Palin! +++ Sarah Palin was greeted with a chorus of boos at the Philadelphia Flyers game where she dropped the puck at the Flyers' opener: You never know where you are gonna find a political scoop, but Lynn Zinser at her NYT hockey Slapshot blog just posted that Sarah Palin, in her much-ballyhooed appearance dropping the puck at the Philly Flyers' opener, was greeted by r

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