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Posted by SanUmbra on Oct. 04, 2008

Please Visit to San Umbra Umbrella ( ) San Umbra ( ) is a start-up company founded for the purpose of creating the most innovative umbrella in the market today. Our umbrella solution focuses on meeting the needs of protection from as much rain as possible, at an affordable price. For the first time ever, there is an umbrella taking consideration to provide extended coverage to a person holding the umbrella, and in addition for adequate coverage if 2 persons are under the same umbrella. This is accomplished by San Umbra’s patent pending design, called Tangent-Circle Umbrella. Extending Care With Extra Coverage By utilizing tangent-circle shape, San Umbra Umbrella provides more than 40% extended and effective protection to a person holding the umbrella under the rain, in comparison to conventional circular shaped umbrella. San Umbra Umbrella offers similar protection of a 30 inch golf umbrella with the size and weight of a standard 24 inch umbrella. With such

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