San Jose Sharks 93-94 NHL Playoffs random high lights....

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

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Shitty qaulity I know. Also if anyone knows where I can actaully get good footage of the wing series from this year by all means tell me. Thanks! Still my favorite memory of hockey, hockey team whatever/what have you was this team. To bad it ended very fast. Sharks trading away the players what made them what they were. And everyone pretty quickly became disposable. Even larionov there leader just a year leader was made to be shit. IIRC there were comments in 95 that san jose was doing him a big favor by giving him 1.1 million for 3 years for a guy in his 30s. 1.1 mil for the BEST player on the team. THE GUY THAT IS YOUR LEADER.(I love irbe to dont get me wrong.)And when he asked to be traded there was some off handed comment like, its not like if we were to trade janney who we would get someone good for. WTF!?? Of course janney was more or less a bust in san jose. Not saying he is a bad player cuz obviously he wasnt. But he should not have taken over larionovs spot. Pretty sad I remember just the next seaso

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