San Diego Criminal Attorney David Shapiro Discusses About DUI

Posted by dshapiro on Aug. 28, 2012

Thank you for clicking in on the video blog of the Law Offices of David P Shapiro. Im David Shapiro and today id like to talk about DUI in San Diego County. The first thing you need to do when you get out of jail after being arrested for a DUI in San Diego County is to make sure we set up your department of motor vehicle here within ten calendar, not court, calendar days of your arrest! So hypothetically if you are arrested on a Saturday it means you have about a week-and-a-half or so, but probably better off doing it at first week or do you want to contact locally experienced DUI attorney familiar with handling DUI San Diego County! See, you contact that attorney and contact multiple attorneys and sit down and meet with them and with their staffs. If you are thinking what he or she could do for you, whatever his experiences what that attorneys professionalism is what their work petition is in the county and specifically in the courtroom that he is practicing. DUI can be overwhelming as lots of the staffs

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