Samurai Girl Game Trailer - an Action RPG iPhone and iPod Touch

Slated for Release on April 21st 2011! Hikarus family is the guardians of Sakura, the Divine Sword. The wicked Delta-M and his minions destroyed her village and murdered her father looking for the Divine Sword. Hikaru escapes with the sword but falls into a ravine and loses her memory. You must restore her lost memories by using her swordsmanship skills and to find and get revenge on Delta-M and his evil minions. 1. Extensive Gameplay: There will be 4 worlds, 50 quests and 15 bosses 2. 13 Unique Sword Fighting Skills to be learned 3. Combination System: Combine items or use combination stones to upgrade or strengthen your equipment 4. Skill System: Upgrade active or passive skills to strengthen your offensive and defensive skills 5. Pet System: You can raise a Phoenix from birth to form a powerful partnership 6. Hundreds of Items to equip, combine and arm your character with.