Sammy White: 1976 Rookie of the Year

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 03, 2010

In between Foreman and Moss there was another ROY honoree for the Purple. Often forgotten about I wanted to make sure he was remembered if for no other reason that he was a Vikings WR that actually held onto the ball. If the ball was in the general area of of him, it was caught. If the play involved crossing the middle there was no pussy-foot dance routine as the route was finished even if it meant losing his helmet. Don't believe me? Take a look at this little video I put together. Yes, you saw that correctly. Incredible hit, right? No doubt. But White hung onto the ball. During a 3rd and long play, Fran Tarkenton dropped deep into the pocket and delivered a bullet to White who was on crossing route, with Raiders DB Skip Thomas meeting him in the middle. As White made a spectacular catch on the ball he was hit helmet-to-helmet by Raiders Safety Jack Tatum, while Thomas closed the gap. The collision knocked Sammy's helmet and chin strap off, sending the helmet tumbling about eight yards backwards from where

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