Salma Hayek Nude

Posted by BlumbergJesse on Feb. 28, 2011

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News Update March 19, 2012: People are still clamouring about how amazing Hayek looked at an oscar party more than a week ago. The radiant latin star looked her best on the red carpet.

News Update March 16, 2012: Salma Hayek is causing stirs in the fashion world, but they are all negative. The sexy star recently went to LAX in silk pajamas. But honestly when its Salma Hayek she can wear anything she really wants.

News Update March 15, 2012: The Internet is still in a frenzy over the sultry Salma Hayek milk video. With her amazing curves it will be a wonder if people ever stop talking about the ad.

News Update March 14, 2012: Salma Hayek is making waves again in her new got milk ad. Whether shes perfectly dressed or horribly unkempt the smoking hot latin actress looks her best as she struggle to find a gallon of milk.

Selma Hayek is probably the most famous Mexican American actress. She received a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her role in the movie Frida. Although Selma Hyek nude is a great sight to see this isnt the actual sex tape.

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