Safer CT Scans Improve Patient Care

Posted by Medialink on Mar. 02, 2010

Advanced Technology Reduces Radiation in New ScannersAccording to recent studies, the average Americans total radiation exposure has nearly doubled in the last three decades, largely due to CT scans and other next-generation imaging tests. Now a new scanner that uses a low dose radiation may make it safer for doctors to treat their patients. The Somatom Definition Flash scanner only targets a specific area and uses the lowest dose of radiation possible. Using advanced technologies, the scanner quickly produces a detailed representation of the area. In fact, most cardiac studies can be done within seconds and produce crisp, clear images that allow for evaluation and treatment. As a result of the image accuracy, a physician can often diagnose disease without having to do exploratory surgery. This footage is free for unrestricted use. Broadcasters: please courtesy Siemens

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