Safe Kids USA Launches New Online Video Series for Families of C

Posted by Medialink on Mar. 29, 2010

Safe Kids USA has partnered with MetLife Foundation to produce an online video series that will help parents and caregivers prevent unintentional injury to children with special needs. The series, along with safety tips and other important information, is now available at Comprised of a series of short online videos in English and Spanish, the project will cover five areas that pose great risk of injury and death to all children under the age of 14 in and around the home: fire and burn prevention, water safety, and general home safety, which includes poison, choking and fall prevention. The videos were developed in consultation with an advisory panel of experts and advocates in the field of child developmental disabilities. Through the advisory panel, it was determined that the goal of each video would be not only to teach parents of children with special needs about unintentional injuries, but to supply them with an understanding of what can be done to safety-proof the home

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