Sad Love Song

Posted by MindworXProject on Mar. 28, 2009

SAD LOVE SONG===========Lyrics by Shegra, Bonita M.Jobes, DocHolliday92966, Bukofezra, and MoondogUnplugged. Music by MoondogUnplugged. 1========I hate (tj)long goodbyes (tj)with saddened eyes(shegra)Verse 2========The love (Bee)that we shared (Bee)just cant compare (shegra)Verse 3========Ive been (tj)missing you (tj)and neverknew (shegra)Verse 4========Im blessed (tj)with the thought (tj)your all Ive got (shegra)Chorus (Bee, MD, Doc)==========Never Shed a Tear, (Bee)Cause Ill Be Near.(Bee)If our Loves Meant To Be. (Bee & TJ)then youll be here with me (DOC)When we walk along and we sing our song....(Doc)Its all that I can see (Doc)But its a sad love song (Tj)Sad Love Song .... (Let It Ring Out Over 2 Bars) (Tj)(Repeat Chorus)VERSE 5==========I see my destiny (Doc)Is you with me (Doc)When your gone Im so alone (Doc)Im

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