Ruyan Jazz Video Review

Name: Ruyan JazzModel: Fully DisposableCategory: DisposableWebsite: www.smokelesswonder.comPrice: $23.99Shipping, tax, etc.: Free ShippingDiscount Code: None (yet)Warranty/Guarantee: 30 Days Claims: 1800 puffs, equal to 4-5 packs or 36-40 premium cigars. Recommendation: 2nd ShelfWhat I Like: Long lasting, easy to use, discrete. The Downside: No visible exhaled vapor, big and bulky, ugly design. Overall Performance: 4.71) Vapor Production: 42) Ease of Draw: 33) Battery Life: 74) Cartridge Life: 75) Reliability and Ease of Use: 2.5 Customer Service Experience: Limited. Shipped quickly, good reputation for warranty service. Contents: One single-piece disposable e-cigarette.Extras: None. Battery charging times: N/AInterchangeable with: N/A Text review: Great for travelling, sports, etc. Too bulky and unsatisfying for regular use.