Running Out Of Titles (7.6.11-Day 137}

Posted by Draymond on Jul. 07, 2011

In this vlog- I talk about work. Someone new is coming in and training,which worries me. Im told again,that I do what I want in the store. I was watching a show about Mexico,which was interesting to me. I have a delicious cheese steak for dinner,instead of pizza. I also got some great ice cream.It was so amazing and delicious. I end the night by watching more TV. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE- http-// #peepdome Lets tweet it. Rate,Comment,Favorite,Thumb Up,Subscribe FACEBOOK ME- TWEET ME- Extra tags- draymond1987 ctfxc shaytards ijustine inspire inspiration interesting vlog random communication laughing family LDR youtube teen interest shane lazy awesome life lessons dealing with vlog vlogs vlogger rambling talking alot motivation focused adventure vlogging daily vlogs

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