Runnin! Gunnin! Reapin! Sleepin! #187! Watch our ...

Posted by Frederator on Jul. 07, 2009

Sorry Im Late Submitted by James Bretton Le Tuff Talk Submitted by Giles Timms Public Service Announcement Submitted by Marc Tyler  Entropy Submitted by Tony Dusko  Hey Freddites!  Its that time again!  Were kicking it off with a cool floor animated short about hte trials and tribulations of someone who is running late, followed up by rough and tumble Frenchmen.  The recent rash of celebrity deaths are touched upon in the timely Public Service Announcement and we wrap it all up and bring it down a couple notches with a beautiful animation about music and dreams.Are yo getting sick and tired of that dang Robot over there bein a jerk?  Well give him a call and rile him him, get him mad!  888-414-8148.  He might even give you a call back.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags dead, running, late, anime, insults, michaeljackson, justinjohnson, channelfrederato, frenchmen

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