Run to the Hills- Real Drums (READ THE INFO)

Posted by DGIBBS119 on Jul. 29, 2009

EDIT- If you look in the window, it is NOT a person- I have no idea how any of you could possibly see the plant right outside my window, in my backyard, which is closed off by a fence, as a person. I mean, dont you think id notice them in the window? -P The reason its blowing around is because of the wind. Also, people have been accusing me of speeding this up. Think about how hard it would be to play a song slower than usual, and then speed it up, and have everything match up with the song- not to mention, the pitch of everything would be much higher in real life had i sped it up, not to mention obvious things such as my movements, etc. This video is not sped up, and its kind of silly to think that I would actually resort to something like that in any of my videos. ========================= So, here it is. An actual Rock Band song, translated to drums, so to speak. The beginning is off time for some reason, but it syncs up soon thereafter. I screw up a few times, due to lack of practicing it on real

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