Run from Popo trailer Miami Game show

Posted by Huck_Finn on Jun. 25, 2010

In Miami, two contestants face off to get points. The thiefs job is to collect the food around the course and get it to the safety line. The food points are based on location and weight. The police contestant earns points by shooting paint balls at the thief behind the gun line. He has the option to run across the course and pick up the bat to beat the thief. The cop can make a tackle to earn his final points. This is considered an arrest. The thief has the opportunity to pick from two boxes. One box has a bag of cocaine in which the thief loses points, and the other is a donut receipt. The receipt makes the cop run back to the gun line and eat the donut. He cant leave until he finishes it. The thief must have been arrested in order to play and the cop must be some kind of law enforcement figure (security, cop, bail bonds,military,bouncer). The winning Popo and Thief get $500.

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