Run For Your Life

Posted by DeathrowMonkey on Jan. 08, 2010

Run For Your Life Lyrics By DeathrowMonkeyOct 2,2009Verse 1========Wasting Away For Goodness Sakes Taking Life For Granted And Sealing My Fate.Bridge 1 Chasing Those Dreams That Follow Through The Pearly Gates.Chorus--------------Run For Your LifeNo Time To Kill Time Is Running Out Its Time To Seal The Deal With No Doubt In Sight.Guide Me To The Light Everything Will Work Out Just Right GUITAR SOLOVerse 2========Torn Up Inside,Heart Broken and MisUsed Look What Im Going Through. Bridge 2 I Have Fallen For The Last Time. Lesson Learned [Repeat Chorus]OUTRO GUITAR SOLO Rights ReservedRegistered:Tue Nov 03 02:00:21 UTC 2009Fingerprint:Show digital fingerprint37ddb68d2ed6e60a2ff50985cf079ff98d94b8ffff6cfd09ccf8b2aedbcf29ce MCN:CDH8X-D6Q5U-NPU4A

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