Rules on Sex and Dating Game for Campus 5 | How To Steal Someone In the game of sex and dating, actually, there are no exact rules to follow. You can absolutely steal someone elses boyfriend. The only rule to follow is that when the person youre stealing from is your best friend. If thats the case then dont ever go there. You dont want to hurt your best friends feelings, do you? But generally, that boyfriend is all yours especially when hes just from some random b*tch. Check out the best ways on how to steal that hot boyfriend you know you deserve in this video. Also featured are some pros and cons on each step. Checkout new amazing videos on how to get your way through and deal with your everyday college life at College Girls Know How would like to thank its sponsors, Adam & Eve. Today, Adam & Eve is offering a HUGE 50% OFF deal on almost ANY single item of your choice. Plus you will get FREE Discreet Shipping, a FREE Surprise Gift, and eve they will toss in some FREE Hot DVDs. Just enter the Adam a