ROCK THE VOTE AMERICA: Mount Rushmore Presidents “Sing” With JK

Posted by raymondstclaire on Sep. 10, 2008

The first historical election of the twenty first century is well under way and Mount Rushmore’s Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln have personally come alive to do there fair share for the vote. The real Fab four were personally chauffeured to the studio to sing on Miami based musician JK Citizen’s, now infamous song Rock The Vote America. The four were in rare spirits and on key as they sang in unison on the chorus’s of the song, in what can be deemed as a long over due reunion. But alas, what is all this controversy then you ask? After the JK Citizen’s audio recording was released several weeks ago it was met with a tremendous positive response on the internet and JK’s follow up video response has been even stronger. It was released as the first in a series of singles, off his debut CD Roc Me. After the Rock The Vote America video was released a week ago, JK found himself in the limelight and surrounded by controversy after what some have perceived as his portrayal of Presidential

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