Rock the Ta Tas Music Video by Super Klaus Santa

Posted by PapaChristopher on Feb. 24, 2011

Rock the Ta Tas is a song is a rock anthem written and performed by Super Klaus Santa for the fight against breast cancer. The Song was recorded at KDS studios in Orlando Florida. Vocals, Guitars, Bass guitar and drum beat by Super Klaus Santa aka: Christopher J. Wauben. the Amazing Keyboards were done by David Mikeal. The ta ta girl in the video is the lovely and talented Brissa Giron. The video was filmed by Dean at Post FX production Studios and edited by Christopher J. Wauben at home. Cover Art by Deb Valyou Here are some helpful links below that we highly encourage you to research. While we know there is an major effort find a cure for breast cancer, preventative medicine is something that should also be taken seriously!!! WE CAN WIN THIS FIGHT!!! WE CAN DEFEAT BREAST CANCER AND WE WILLL!!!!

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