Rock Band Unplugged PSP Jackson 5s ABC and Audioslaves Gasolin

Posted by DGIBBS119 on Jul. 10, 2009

Hey guys, I got Rock Band Unplugged like 20 minutes ago and I just quickly set it up to record. I know my accent is very gay especially at the beginning but hey Im not a native so deal with it if you want to see the rest. I have NO experience whatsoever recording a psp or reviewing something for that matter so that were both new things for me and I know I had some weird sentences but theres alot of improvising especially if you SUCK at the game so far -). Looks like a very interesting game and I just have to get the hang of it, and once I do I might upload a full song. The timing window is really a lot different than all the other rythm games Ive played, it feels like I have to hit them way early. Lemme know if you guys wanna see more. Btw I dont have a PSP slim otherwise id have set it up to my tv and then record that to my dazzle for direct capture but unfornately thats not gonna work since i have a phat psp.

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