Rock Band Run To The Hills real drums

So, here it is. An actual Rock Band song, translated to drums, so to speak. The beginning is off time for some reason, but it syncs up soon thereafter. I screw up a few times, due to lack of practicing it on real drums: parts like where the red notes suddenly go from the hi-hat to the toms are a bit hard to time. Also, i took liberties on some parts of the song: I don't have two crash cymbals, so I had to hit the same one for when the blue and green are supposed to be seperate crashes, as well as hitting the snare during the 4x red, 4x yellow, 4x blue etc. rolls instead of a fourth tom which isn't on my set. The way I set this up was to let the song play out on practice mode, not hitting anything, and muting the drums in the options. (That's why the notechart shows me missing all the notes.) Then, i just spliced the audio together. I notice it's kind of hard to hear the bass pedal: however if you look at my leg, and the reflection of my foot on the floor tom, you can clearly see it going to the beat and hi