Robot Girlfriend Song

Posted by rhettandlink on Jul. 14, 2009

FREE mp3, Lyrics, and Info:1 of 3 music videos we made for the Science Channels BRINK. and animation by Billy Reid. Check out his channel: mp3:, CHORDS:Robot GirlfriendVerse: F F7 A7 Dm C BbBridge: Gm CChorus: F F7 A7 Dm C BbI’ve never had too much luck with females I’m not confident unless I’m writing an email.But my life would be so sublime if I bought a robot girl online. I’d never hear her silicon mouth complaining about my dry scalp or my excessive gaming She’s my Small Wonder; I’m her Voltron. I flip a switch and it turns her on! My robot girlfriend. The best relationship I’d ever been in. She’s got a grip stronger than an ape And she can calculate a tip to the twenty-fifth decimal place though we can’t go out in rainy weather we can still play solitaire together Meeting her folks is no real cause for fear They’re ...

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